White Fly Update

White flies are a common nuisance in Florida and in any tropical climate. They leave sticky residue everywhere they go and destroy the aesthetics of your lawn, pool or even your car. U Bug Me professionals have spent most of their career in Miami and know exactly how to take care of this particular pest. For Florida pest control in Miami, Florida contact us to schedule a visit to your property to treat it against white fly infestations. For more information on white flies click on the link below:

Storm Preparation

South Florida is known for South Beach, warm weather and hurricanes. Before a storm hits remember to consult U Bug Me to make sure you aren’t at risk of having your vegetation fall onto a power line or creating other types of damages.

Lawn Care

Florida Pest Control is unique due to its location and for being a major port of entry not only for people, but for insects and diseases as well. Effective exterior care services must be provided by lawn care Miami experts because so many varieties of grass grow in Florida.

Florida is a very special state and instead of having four seasons we have two, wet and dry. Due to the difference in rainfall during each of these seasons your lawn can suffer from being parched or drenched, regardless U Bug Me can help you navigate the seasons making sure your lawn neither drowns nor dehydrates.

Interior Pest Control

U Bug Me should be your resource of choice for interior pest control services in Miami, Florida.

Grocery and home improvement stores offer all sorts of pesticides but it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to find something that works. Most of these pesticides don’t take care of the lingering problem of insect eggs leaving homeowners with a persisting problem.

Using a professional can therefore save you the time, stress and money in the long run when it comes to getting rid of these pests.